The Best 40th Birthday Gift Idea 5 Ideas

By Robbie T. James

Know somebody who is about to turn 40? Whether or not you have passed the age of 40 yourself, you know that this one of those birthdays that some people tend to worry about as it approaches. Turning forty means different things to different people.

Some feel that this birthday is a sign that it’s ‘all downhill’ from here, viewing their 40th birthday as something to dread. However, others choose to see it as marking the beginning of the second half of life – as the start of yet another life adventure.

Turning 40 No Longer Means ‘Over the Hill’

Fortunately, by almost all accounts, turning 40 is no longer a sign that one has reached the halfway point in their life. In fact, if one is in reasonable physical shape and in good health, this birthday should be viewed as a very positive rite of passage. In other words: not a bad thing in any way.

Statisticians now tell us that – due to advances in medical technology and a greater general awareness about human health – life expectancies are getting longer and longer. A great many people can reasonably expect to live well into their 80s, 90s and beyond.

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40-Year Olds Like a Bit of Adventure

In fact, turning 40 should be viewed as just another milestone in the adventure of life. On the one hand, most 40-year olds require more time and effort to stay in shape than they did when they were in their 20s or early 30s. On the other hand, forty year-olds generally have a stronger sense of self, better good sense of their career goals, and more well-established personal relationships than they used to. These are all things to get excited about.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Idea – 5 Ideas

When searching for a birthday gift to give a 40 year-old in your life, it is important to hold in your mind and heart the spirit of turning 40 as being the start of an adventure, not ‘the beginning of the end.’

Here are 5 ideas to help you find just the right gift for that person in your life who is about to turn 40. The gift ideas below vary according to their tastes, your gift-giving style, and of course your budget:

1. Make a mix of their favorite 80s music: Most people now turning 40 grew up in the 1980s. Whether they were into alternative music, country, hard rock, punk, or soft hits at the time, they will love a thoughtfully-made mix of their favorite music of the era.

2. Get them a set of books: If the person is a reader and loves the world of fiction, how about a set of books featuring their favorite author? There are many box sets available these days. Or, you could just buy 3-4 books and wrap them together as a set.

3. (For men) Get him a multi-tool: If the 40 year-old you know is a guy, how about getting him something all men love: a multi-tool. (If you’re not sure what this is, just think ‘glorified pocketknife’). Men love gadgets and tools, so they’ll love one of these multi-tools.

4. (For women) Get her a spa gift basket: If your friend is a woman, she undoubtedly likes to feel pretty. How about getting her a spa-style gift basket? This will make her feel pretty, while giving her the excuse to take extra-good care of herself on her birthday.

5. Buy them a weekend package to Vegas: Man or woman, they would love to go somewhere fun to celebrate their birthday. Why not help them live it up a bit on their birthday? If you have the budget for it, why not get them a weekend package to somewhere like Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, or Atlantic City? This would be a truly memorable gift.

Consider any of these 5 ideas for finding the best 40th birthday gift ideas they will love.

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