Original Articles Are Powerful Content}

Original Articles Are Powerful Content


Kerry Bullmore

To make your web based business truly successful you need articles. You not only need them, you also need those articles to be original. The hungry public scans the Internet like ravenous wolf packs hunting out new and relevant content to satisfy their appetites. Supplying content, to appease these voracious web surfers, through marketing articles is a positive way to get traffic to your website.

When we compare the different Marketing Strategies available, the long-term power of article marketing is a major leader when it comes to making money on the Net. To illustrate how powerful article marketing is let’s examine the potential of properly written original content for your online business and/or blog.

If you now accept the fact that you need original content let us look at how your articles benefit your site!

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To get true value from your efforts, your newly written article has to be submitted to several top article directories.

Once submitted your article is able to create back link/s to your website and this has the ability to increase its ranking or popularity.

This effect is a result of either the linking information supplied in the Authors bio or signature box accompanying the article or direct links from within the article in the form of hypertext.

If your written article is considered newsworthy it has the potential of being copied to many sites thus increasing exposure and the potential back links. This of course is only of benefit to your web business if the imbedded links point back to your site.

Will your article be stolen? The simple answer is yes, and many times yes, if the article is a good one. However, you still have rights since plagiarism or copying of articles is primarily illegal. It is necessary for people who borrow content to understand that there are strict rules governing the use of existing articles. Simply ignoring these rules just to add content to a website can easily get someone into a bit of strife, possibly resulting in a rather large fine and even time in jail.

When it comes to borrowing articles to build up content on a website everyone should make themselves acquainted with republishing requirements. These can be found at the Directory where the article is published.

In short, the article must remain unchanged and be republished in its complete form including author information, credits etc.

Visit an article directory such as ezinearticles.com and acquaint yourself with their Terms of Service as this will benefit you if you wish to republish content on your site.

This does not apply if you have written original content yourself.

Are there benefits for you if your article is republished? Yes! As long as people adhere to the rules, and most do, the more your personally written content is republished by other sites the more back links you will gain to your site and the higher the specific page and also site will rank on the Net. This all means traffic and traffic is what we all need, after all, that is the reason for writing the article in the first instance. Well written articles have the right to be appreciated by many people.

So! What is the key difference between republishing content and writing your own articles? When it comes to content both are important if you haven’t got the time or can’t afford to outsource. Remember the major difference. Republished articles carry links to other areas of the web whereas; your personally crafted article should only carry links to benefit you and your business personally.

Social Networking is another medium through which your personal content can gain strength for your business. Let us say, I come across an intriguing post about the follies of spinning articles for content. My immediate reaction is to want to share it with relevant people in my sphere of influence. I bookmark it and share it; they bookmark and share it and so on. This causes more exposure and enhances the articles popularity on the Net.

In conclusion, I am sure that you’ll agree with the saying that ‘content is king’ and a personally penned, well written, article has excellent potential when it comes to the promotion of your business blog and/or site.

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Original Articles Are Powerful Content