A Few Essential Steps To Finding The Perfect Southern California Home}

Submitted by: Stephanie Huey

When a person is wanting to find the perfect Southern California home, there are certain steps that they should take in order to be certain they get the home of their dreams. With that being said, for many starting the entire home searching process it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time home seekers. For that reason, we wanted to create this article to provide our readers with some essential steps they should always include regardless, if this is your first home purchase or not, so lets begin!

When an individual is searching for their ideal California home, starting the process can at times become very perplexing. However, the first crucial step that we advise our reader to do ahead of all else is to contact a professional real estate agent. The reason we are putting that as the first step, is because you can save yourself a lot of much time by involving these professionals to help with your home searching aspects.

While you can use your own approach, the agent often times will have more resources made available to them within their listing database long before it becomes available on the open housing market. In addition, they will be able to match your own criteria on what youre wanting in your own perfect Southern California home to those ready for purchase. The next step, in finding your ideal home is going to be to determine how much of a home you can comfortably afford.

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While it can save you and your agent plenty of time if you are already pre-approved for a certain loan amount, but many people struggle with getting past this step on their own. With that being said, this is yet another great reason we highly would suggest to our readers that they work with a real estate agent on this crucial step. Often times, they can help you to get approved for your loan faster than if you went through all the red tape at your own bank.

However, the agent will not be able to fix bad credit scores for you, but they can advise you on how you can improve it on your own in order to help you to get approved for a larger amount. Now that you know what amount you can afford, the next step will be to start looking into California homes within your starting budget. However, please keep in mind that this is only the initial step within the process.

Nonetheless, there is one crucial step that we feel does need to be mentioned to our readers before we end this article. When you feel that you have located your perfect California home, never skip requesting that a home inspection be done prior to you signing any legal forms to buy it. Furthermore, by working closely with a professional real estate agent he, or she can easily help to ensure you get that request as part of the deal.

This step alone can help to protect your overall investment from unexpected repairs that might be otherwise overlooked. For many people they tend to be more focused at the time of purchase about the happy aspect that they have finally found their ideal Southern California home. Once those legal papers have been signed, it will then be too late to make the previous owners fix that costly repair that they forgot to disclose to you at the time of sale. However, by letting your real estate agent help you in getting this home inspection you can catch those issues, and get them resolved before you make this costly investment.

When a person is trying to find their perfect Southern California home, at times the entire process can be overwhelming to complete on your own. However, we hope that our article here has helped you to better understand some of the many aspects that are crucial for you to always include on your house searching needs. Finally the best tip we would like to leave our readers with is to take that time out, and discuss all your options over with a professional real estate agent who can effortlessly guide you into locating your perfect California home today.

About the Author: Stephanie Huey is a member of Team ECHO, a group of highly-experienced agents at Keller Williams Palos Verdes. Stephanies previous experiences in nursing have taught her the importance of providing quality care and service during challenging situations. These skills coupled with her attention to detail and passion for helping others give Stephanie an edge as a real-estate agent. She is also fluently bilingual, giving her the ability to interact with both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking clients. She is dedicated to helping clients navigate all of their possible avenues and choose the best options for each unique situation. She understands that making your experience personal and providing exceptional service is of the most importance as you make decisions that will shape your life and ultimately influence your lifestyle. Stephanie believes in going above and beyond what is expected and creating clients for life. Stephanie specializes in working with first time home buyers and veterans.




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