Girl’s Best Friend: The Push Up Bra

By Chris Tomkins

The push up bra can be a girl’s best friend. For many smaller-chested women, a push up bra can create cleavage and enhance the bust line better than an ordinary bra. This type of bra is also great for women with bigger busts to create more lift while helping clothes lay better on the body. A push up bra is great for an important event or a big night out, but they can also be practical for everyday use if you know how to properly wear one during the day. However, if worn with inappropriate clothing, a push up bra can make you look trashy.

A push up bra is great for evening events. Many cocktail dresses are cut lower in the front to enhance cleavage. This can pose a problem for small-chested women since a regular bra will not create a bigger bust size. For evening dresses, showing a lot of cleavage in a push up bra should be balanced by showing less leg. A dress that hits at the knee or lower is more appropriate when showing a lot of skin on top. The reverse is also true. If you plan to wear a short dress that shows off your legs, it is best to save the push up bra for another time.

Large breasts can also find a push up bra useful. Larger breasts may appear saggy, especially as women get older, and have children. A push up bra offers more lift to provide a younger and more streamlined look for a woman. Empire-waist tops and dresses, which have stitching just below the bust, can benefit from a push up bra to keep the bust line in its proper place and help the clothes lay in a more flattering manner on the body.

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For an evening look, the same rule should be followed if you are large-chested and are wearing a push up bra. If you are wearing a low-cut top, the bottom of the dress should be knee-length or longer to achieve a classy look.

Many women love the way their chest looks with a push up bra and would like to wear one every day. This can be done with the right daytime clothes and it is important to remember to not show too much skin while accentuating your bust line. Button down shirts are a great look for day that can reveal a slight hint of cleavage while still appearing respectable. The shirt can be buttoned further up or down, depending on how formal you need to dress. An alternative is a cardigan sweater with buttons.

For an informal daytime look, a tee-shirt can still be worn with a push up bra. However, the cut of the shirt is important. A crew neck tee-shirt may look odd with a fuller chest, so choose a flattering neckline such as a V-neck or scoop neckline. Cowl neck sweaters are also great for flaunting your chest in an informal setting. Avoid anything high up on the neck, such as turtlenecks.

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