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Wilms Tumo


Wilms’ Tumo

Wilms’ tumor is a rare type of kidney cancer that affects children. It causes a tumor on one or both kidneys. Having certain genetic conditions or birth defects can increase the risk of developing Wilms’ tumor. Children who are at risk should be screened for Wilms’ tumor every three months until they turn eight.

Possible signs of a kidney tumor include a lump in the abdomen and blood in the urine. The tumor is usually diagnosed and removed in surgery. Other treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, biologic therapy or a combination. Biologic therapy, or immunotherapy, boosts your body’s own ability to fight cancer. Most children with Wilms’ tumor can be cured.

What causes Wilms’ tumor?

The causes of all Wilms’ tumor are not known. However, some of these tumors appear to result from changes in one or more of several genes. In the majority of cases, the genetic changes occur only in the kidney cells and not in other cells of the body. However, in some cases, other parts of the body are also affected. Some patients with Wilms’ tumor are born with certain congenital anomalies, including absence of the iris of the eye (aniridia) or abnormalities of the urinary tract. Although it is rare, Wilms’ tumor sometimes runs in families, which further supports a genetic connection.


Several tests are used to confirm a Wilms tumor diagnosis and determine the stage of the disease.

Tests that might be used include: –

* Ultrasonography (ultrasound or US), usually the first tool used to diagnose the condition, uses sound waves instead of X-rays to generate an image of the area doctors wish to view.

* Computed tomography (CT or CAT scan) produces a detailed cross-sectional view of an organ through X-rays. It is extremely useful in detecting tumors and determining whether cancer has spread to other areas.

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* Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and strong magnets to produce detailed pictures of the internal parts of the body. This provides more intricate images that allow doctors to see if the cancer has invaded any major blood vessels near the kidney.

* X-rays are used to look for any metastasized areas, especially in the lungs.

* Bone scans use small amounts of radioactive material to highlight areas of diseased bone, if any exist.

* Laboratory tests such as blood tests and urinalysis check the general health of a patient and to detect any adverse side effects (such as low red or white blood cell counts) of the treatment.

Signs and symptoms of Wilms’ tumo

The most common signs and symptoms of Wilms’ tumor include: –

* A lump or mass in the abdomen of an otherwise well child

* Abdominal pain

* Blood in the urine

* High blood pressure

* Feve

* Diarrhea

* Weight loss

* Urogenital infections

* Anemia

* Shortness of breath

* A general feeling of being tired and unwell

* Nausea and vomiting (these are rare)


Treatment is determined by many factors, the most important being the stage of the cancer at diagnosis, and the condition, or histology, of the cancer cells when observed under a microscope. “Favorable” histology is associated with a good chance of a cure; tumors with “unfavorable” histology are more aggressive and difficult to cure. About 95% of Wilms tumors have favorable histology.

Doctors use a staging system to describe the extent of a metastasized tumor. It is extremely useful in determining prognosis (possibility for a cure) and the best course of treatment. For example, a child with very aggressive disease should be given an intensive regimen of medication to achieve the best chance for a cure. A child with less-invasive disease should be given the least amount needed to reduce long-term side effects from toxicity.

The stages are: –

* Stage I: – Cancer is found in one kidney only and can be completely removed by surgery. About 41% of all Wilms tumors are stage I.

* Stage II: – Cancer has spread beyond the kidney to the surrounding area, but can be completely removed by surgery. About 23% are stage II.

* Stage III: – Cancer has not spread beyond the abdomen, but cannot be completely removed by surgery. About 23% are stage III.

* Stage IV: – Cancer has spread to distant parts of the body; most commonly, the lungs, liver, bone, and/or brain. About 10% are stage IV.

* Stage V: – Cancer is found in both kidneys at diagnosis (also called bilateral tumors). About 5% are stage V.

Surgery is most often used to treat Wilms tumor. For stages I through IV, a radical nephrectomy ? removal of the cancer along with the entire kidney, ureter (tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder), adrenal gland (hormone-producing gland that sits on top of the kidney), and surrounding fatty tissue ? is done.

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Many people wonder, will unpaid traffic tickets be deducted from tax refund checks, and the answer is it depends on the state in which an individual lives in. The state has the right to withdraw the money owed to them from the money an individual owes them. That is the short answer.

Many of the state and local governments are allowed to deduct unpaid parking tickets from an individuals state tax refund but the federal government is not in the habit of doing this. The federal tax refund could be held for federal student loans, unpaid social security and other federally granted commissions. Parking tickets fall under the jurisdiction of local government and then state when it comes to garnishing a tax refund.

If an individual is a student or planning on visiting the University of Virginia, they better park legally or pay the fine if they don’t. This University is one of the few that has special permission for taking traffic or parking ticket fines, which go unpaid for a certain length of time, out of people’s tax returns. Even if the person is using a rental car and think, they can never find me, think again.

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In California, Los Angels and San Francisco in particular, they will withhold the entire tax refund for unpaid parking violations and traffic tickets until the matter is resolved. This may mean hiring an attorney or going to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) to sign paperwork giving the state the money that is owed to them so that the individual will be able to receive the rest of their refund. Whatever the method, it seems as if it is a hassle and the best way to avoid it is to park in designated areas and put enough money in the meters.

Since the new technology of red light cameras, people are not as likely to escape the ‘long arm of the law’ and claim a light was yellow when it was actually red. The intent of the red light cameras is to deter people from running the red lights and saving people’s lives from accidents. Many people feel the red light cameras are simply another way for their city to make money. A lot of protests have been held in regards to the red light cameras because they are typically placed near the poorer sections of town. This is where people are more likely to pay the fine then fight it with an attorney due to lack of funding.

There are many states in which parking and traffic fees are increasing with each passing week of non-payment. Some cities will offer a discount if the ticket is paid within five days or add on a percentage if the ticket is not paid within a certain amount of time. If an individual waits too long to pay their traffic tickets, they could risk having their car impounded and additional fees added to the original traffic ticket price. It is always a good idea to take care of a traffic violation as soon as it occurs rather then wait.

Besides a tax refund, some cities are getting special permission to add the parking and traffic ticket fines on to a persons personal property tax. These taxes must be paid before the end of the year in order to be able to renew a vehicles license plate. If an individual has waited a long time, then their fines may double or triple over a long period of time, making their personal property tax bill a very expensive debit at the end of the year.

Red-light runners, lead-footed drivers, free-parkers and others all need to pay the price for their crime, no matter how trivial they think it may be. If they do not pay, then the taxpayers of their community foot the bill. This is one reason why the government has given more access to these municipalities and small communities to the state income tax refunds. So the next time you might be thinking of parking illegally, ask yourself this question: will unpaid traffic tickets be deducted from tax refund checks, and think about the major hassle it will be to retrieve your tax refund once they have taken care of something that could have been handled simply by parking legally or paying the ticket right away.

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