Winter Vacations In Disney World}

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The majority of those visiting Disney World do so in the summer. The reason for this is pretty simple, that`s when people have vacations and the kids are out of school. There are some great advantages to hitting the happiest place on earth during the winter months, though.

Benefits of Winter Disney

The main reason you`ll enjoy visiting Disney World in the winter is the amazing lack of people. Since the majority of vacationers won`t be hanging around the parks until spring, you`ll be able to walk right onto rides, often with only a couple minutes of waiting. Not only does this mean you get to ride more often, it also lets you see a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

The weather in Florida is warm year round, so you don`t need to worry about a winter vacation being too chilly. In fact, many prefer winter in Florida because it`s cooler than the summer months, making walking all over the parks a far easier task and much more comfortable.

It`s often worth taking the kids out of school for a few days to enjoy the relative peace of the parks during this season. You`ll find that you`ll have even less competition for rides and events if you hit the parks on a major holiday, such as Thanksgiving, when everyone is celebrating at home. The parks are still running and will be virtually empty!

Another fun part of visiting in the winter is that you`ll get to see the seasonal shows. For example, there are Christmas parades that you wouldn`t be able to see at any other point during the year. These are definitely worth watching and won`t be available during the summer months.

You may also find hotel rooms are cheaper at this time of year, since there are fewer tourists in the area. Look online for discounts ahead of time to get the best deals and you can end up staying very near Disney for a fraction of summer prices.

Planning Your Winter Vacation

Remember that during the low season is when rides are often under construction, so if there is one that you particularly want to visit, check first to make sure it will be running when you arrive. Planning ahead will make your vacation easier and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Buying park hopper tickets is your best bet, no matter when you go. These allow you to jump between the four Disney World parks and stay at one for more than one day, should you choose. Regular park tickets will only let you visit one park on the specified day and don`t allow for changes in plans. You may find that you`ve had enough of the Animal Kingdom after half a day and park hopper tickets will let you head to one of the other parks for the afternoon, if you wish.

By planning your trip early, you`ll be able to make the most of discounts on everything from plane tickets and hotel rooms to rental cars and park tickets. Searching online will turn up coupon codes and sale prices for all of these options. Your local travel agent will also be able to help you get good deals on transportation and hotels. Most hotels in the Disney area have free shuttles.

A winter vacation in Disney World is a great way to maximize your enjoyment of the parks. There are few crowds and your patience won`t be tested. It`s the ideal time to enjoy the thrills of Disney, while spending less time and money.

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