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Home OR Away – Your Own Full or Part Time Business


Daton Caedea

If you think that just wishing for something to happen…it won’t! You’re better off with the lottery. It’s not difficult, just tell yourself that your mind is made up and make that crucial first move. I was in a state of inertia for about xx years! See, I’m to ashamed to admit it. Scary or what!

We only have a limited short time on this planet and we are prone to wasting it, just like when we were teenagers! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we spend every waking minute at the coalface but then we should not spend it on the couch either.

Should you find yourself in a crazy surreal scene where money (lots of it) has been thrust upon you – you will either wake up or be in some stage play. Knowing me, I would wake up before the money anyway. No, the only way is the me way, do it yourself.

Because doing it yourself not only exercises the grey matter but makes sufficiently edept to make even more money and…hang on to it and make it multiply again. Does this sound good?

Do I like my alarm going off at 3.30 in the morning, in the middle of winter with not very nice weather outside my window? Do I heck! I would much rather get up a little later without the rude awakening and spend my day doing what I want and making a tidy living as I go along.

In other words, doing what I want to do! No one else. Just little ol’ me. There is a solid reason behind this and that is we excel in what we enjoy doing. We don’t have to talk ourselves into it. We don’t have to kick ourselves out of bed to do it.

It’s your thing and no one else’s. You decided, because you like it. Because you like it you do it. You activate it. In short…ACTION!

Downtime now becomes more dynamic and enjoyable. You feel better about yourself thus your personality takes on a new vibrancy reserved only for the smug and self assured. (I’m kidding, but you get my drift).

People are attracted to you because of this. It’s true. You are there as a shining positive beacon and they want to share your light that takes away the murk and gloom out of their lives.

Maybe, that’s what is meant by having an “aura”. Given the choice, methinks this is the path to take as the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Well, before I forget, we are here to discuss the ins and outs of a (your) ‘Home Based Business’. Your first steps to freedom and independence, (sounds like a revolution does it not)! To fly your own flag with your own markings on it! Raise that flag on your good ship ‘Independence’ and it take you where you want.

At first what most people do is look around and research what it is they would like to do. Something you feel that would be right for you as a person. Yes, a good place to go is the net where we are spoilt for information.

The www is an astonishing place to be. Why? Because it is full of us! We have the the world on our doorstep via our PC/Laptop (mobile phones even). The world has never seen the like of it, ever! Very exciting. See you next time.

Daton Caedea for some time now has advised many of us who want to

work from home

. More and more people like the idea of making money this way for extra or full time money as it is easy and flexible. Now has never been a better time to start your own


this way.

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Home OR Away – Your Own Full or Part Time Business