Photos Make Custom Bobble Heads Look Great}

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When you order custom bobble heads will be designed per your specifications from the toe up to the head. A normal bobble head is about seven inches in height but you can choose your own height up to a point when you order custom bobble heads. Like the off the shelf bobblehead the custom ones can come with a theme and a background. When you think background think about the favorite places that the gift recipient enjoys like the beach or on a tropical island or in one of the major cities with a famous landmark.

When you order custom bobble heads you certainly can order more than one. You can order them in pairs like one for a man and one for his mate each doing their favorite thing. If they like to cook together order one with a BBQ in the background and another one in front of a stove or creating a custom cake. Then you can order them as a pair or a couple on one image so they are both on one doll. This way you can make them into a couple doing whatever they enjoy doing together. If they both like Hawaii then have then themed with lei or posed with surfboards on a beach.

If you are ordering your bobble heads online all you have to do is have those photos in your computer. This way after you have logged into the order site you can upload those pictures right onto the bobblehead website page and submit it for your custom order. These custom orders will take approximately two to three weeks to receive after you initiate your order. These websites take most credit cards and some also accept paypal too so it easy to pay for your order after you have uploaded those photos for your custom product. Almost all sites that accept credit cards are secure these days.

When you are choosing your photo or photos if you are ordering more than one custom doll you should make sure it represents the likeness of the person who you are having immortalized in a bobblehead doll. Make sure it is a crisp image because that is a way to insure the uploaded image is easily recreated into a doll. The facial expression is important because the artist who creates your custom doll will be working directly from that photograph. If you have a personal favorite of a facial expression then upload that photo for the doll’s likeness.

Since these will take a few weeks to arrive at your front door you will have to make sure you place a custom order in enough time to actually receive the completed product before the important event when you intend to present the doll to the recipient. These dolls come in boxes and are well packed and protected for shipping. Since they are not inexpensive items this is a very important feature of the order and one you would expect form a quality online retail website.

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