Wrought Iron Wall Mounted Wine Racks 4 Ways To Add Style And Unique Appeal To Home Decor

By Krasen Tomov

Some people immediately envision ordinary floor style wine racks when they think of wine storage. These types of wine racks do not add flair or appeal to a room. Other types of wine racks are part of kitchen cabinetry, and in many cases they are not any more attractive than floor model varieties. They are comprised of plain wooden racks lodged between sets of cabinets, and others are simple openings that look anything but stylish. If you prefer storing wine with style consider decorating with wrought iron wall mounted wine racks. They greatly embellish the home while providing a practical way to display wine bottles.

If you want to add style and unique appeal to home dcor, consider decorating a room in your home with wrought iron wall mounted wine racks. When placed on a wall in a kitchen, a formal dining room, a bar area, or any other suitable location, a wrought iron wall mounted wine rack will make a stylish and interesting display. Style options and sizes are numerous, and the decorating options are virtually endless. The following ideas for decorating with wrought iron wall mounted wine racks will explain various ways to add designer style to your home.

Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Wine Racks and Vertical Spaces

Wrought iron racks are ideal for mounting on areas other than walls. Any solid flat vertical space can be outfitted with wall mounted wrought iron wine racks. Consider hanging a wrought iron rack or a series of racks on the back or side of cabinetry. One wall mounted wrought iron rack looks impressive, but two, three, or even four wrought iron racks make an outstanding display.

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Ways to Create a Stunning Focal Point

Whether you want to hang a stylish wrought iron wine rack wall display in a dining room, kitchen, or another area of the home, you can easily create a display that is sure to impress. Begin by choosing an attractive wrought iron rack along with accent pieces such as attractive wrought iron framed mirrors, wall vases filled with trailing ivy, or small works of metal wall art. The accent pieces chosen should compliment and highlight the wrought iron rack, which is the center of the display.

Decorating a Formal Bar with Wrought Iron

Whether serving alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, a formal bar is the entertainment heart of the home. It is a location where appetizers are served and where family and friends meet for good food, conversation, and most of all fun. A formal bar should be well decorated, and a wrought iron wine rack is an excellent choice. Choose your favorite wrought iron racks to hang on a wall adjacent to the bar, and hang them along with other attractive wrought iron wall art for a striking display. A formal bar is an area for leisure, and adding stylish wall hangings creates ambience that will set the mood for conversation.

Keep in mind that bottles in wrought iron racks do not have to contain fine wine. Store fine wine in a wine cellar or a wine refrigeration unit, and save the empty bottles including the corks. Fill the empty bottles with colored water, tightly replace the corks, and store them in a stylish wrought iron wine rack for a striking bar display. No one will realize it is not equipped with fine wine.

Decorating a Kitchen with Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean dcor is warm and inviting. It is rich in color, style, and opulent design, and it is an ideal style for a kitchen. When decorating a Mediterranean style kitchen choose wrought iron dcor including a stylish wine rack. A classy wrought iron rack complete with artfully crafted metal grape leaves and grapevines add tremendous appeal. Trailing vines gracefully wrap around bottles and complete the look of the piece. In addition to a wine rack, choose other Mediterranean style accessories such as a clock with Old-World charm, terra cotta pots filled with fragrant herbs, and beautiful fresh flowers to transform the space into the Mediterranean kitchen you have always dreamed of.

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