Don’t Give Up On Searching For A Job}

Don’t Give up on Searching for a Job


Jason Born

This is a tough economy that we live in and the worst thing you can do is Give up on the grind of searching for a job.As the economy changes we also have to change and adapt to our environment just like reptiles do in their environment. Most of us looking for employment are finding ourselves trying to enter a field that we have never embarked before. Bankers are looking for teaching jobs, a salesman is now a janitor and a man working on the assembly line at a car company for 30 years is now UNEMPLOYED. How do we adapt in this mountain and valley type economy when the market is drastically changing? Easy, do your research, find out what companies are growing and which companies are in more demand . Just because the economy is changing it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Example if your company is laying people off or has to close its doors in a recession that means the company is not recession proof. This may lead you to a company that is recession proof and can hold its ground when the economy is thriving or even when there is a recession.

Statistics show that more than 60% of the population tend to search for jobs when they are at work already! I know that must be a surprise to hear but it’s true. Surfing the web looking for another employer while at work is very popular and is becoming a growing trend. Job board websites like

are becoming increasingly popular sites for jobseekers to find jobs in markets that are thriving and looking for more diversity in the workplace.

Doing your research is critical to your success at landing the right career. Emerging markets like green jobs such as solar jobs and wind power companies are growing at a impressive speed. Healthcare markets will always be around as the competition grows from healthcare reform. Companies lock in the best computer IT talent and try to keep them happy because these are the people that keep the systems running that are vital to the companies success. And education is always an area you can depend on for open doors. Remember success is not what the world dictates it’s what you make it and it all starts with having a goal.

Here the author, talks about areas that are best to target at when searching for a job. Yet, go through the

job search listings

on online job boards for more information.

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