Best Erp Manufacturing Software Reduce Cost Of Production And Increase Sales

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Best ERP Manufacturing Software – Reduce Cost Of Production And Increase Sales


Peter Naruka

Though today many enterprise resource planning software are available for manufacturing units yet lot of analysis is required to choose best type of ERP manufacturing software. Today SAP manufacturing, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, Infor, Sage, Tally and few more are popularly used as manufacturing software yet one has to compare the requirements after analyzing the business with the software to choose the best type of ERP software. Some of the modules found in ERP manufacturing software are master data, product data, service management, SCM, CRM, HRM, production, enterprise performance management, sales and financials. Recently number of software has surged in the market with lesser price and low cost of maintenance but selection of the software shall be done not before analyzing the requirements in full.

One of the main features of the best type of ERP software is to provide simplified methodologies for generating RFP. The buyer can check the documents if module enquires about the vendors, its services, customer base and stability. Pricing structure is one of the most important parts of RFP and also legal obligations shall be handled properly. Overall the software should aim and capable of increasing sales, reducing cost of production, increase market share and should be scalable to adept to the changing needs in the future.

The best type of ERP manufacturing software should provide the company integrated inventory control, flawless resource planning, proper raw material acquisition and shop floor control. It should also be able to keep history and track of products after sales, manage purchase orders, production scheduling and eliminate double entries.

YouTube Preview Image

The best type of ERP manufacturing software should also possess capability to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality of products, it should be able to increase production cycles by reducing lead time and making process speedier and should reduce wastage and total work cycle time. Large manufacturing units may have marketing offices at different locations, these locations can be within the country or may be beyond. The software should be able to provide control over these units irrespective of their geographical locations. Similarly even manufacturing units of any large organization can be at distant locations, management of these units shall be easier, efficient and transparent through ERP software for manufacturing units. Overall the best type of ERP manufacturing software shall have scope for globalization of business.

Better market visibility and accurate predictions about changes in the supply and demand is another feature which shall be available in the best type of ERP manufacturing software. Integration of ERP with other software developed in different technologies is also an important aspect of the manufacturing software, in absence of smooth integration the efficiency of the enterprise resource planning software is bound to get reduced in future.

Sound reporting system helps the management in taking timely and correct decisions which is a necessary feature of quality ERP manufacturing software. It should also help in making communication with vendors, partners, suppliers and also with customers smooth and prompt. Better communication develops customer satisfaction, improves quality of product, increases company\’s credibility and also increases overall business and profit margins.

Read about

ERP for Manufacturing Company

. Also know

ERP for Lean Manufacturing

. Read about

ERP for Process Manufacturing


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Arcelor declares merger with Mittal Steel

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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

Arcelor, Luxembourg’s largest steel company, has reached in an agreement with Mittal Steel over a €26.9 billion merger (at €40.44 per share). The new company will be called Arcelor-Mittal. Mittal Steel will hold 45% stake in the new company. Arcelor would pay Severstal €130 million as a “fine” for the fall-out of their failed talks. Lakshmi Mittal (owner of Mittal Steel) and Joseph Kinsch (current Arcelor chairman) will be the co-chairmen of the new company. The new company will have a net capacity of 120 million tonnes.

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Portal talk:Weather

Posted by on October 17, 2014

I think the Weather section of Wikinews is really interesting. What kinds of content will it have? Ideas:

Samrolken 12:36, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)

I’ve asked user B-101 on his user talk page for a source for his contribution about the results of an increase in temperature.

Any scientific claim should have a citation to back it up.

— DV 16:38, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)

from Talk:Main Page

Hey, would anyone object to breaking the asian weahter section up a bit? Its just such a huge freaking place. I mean the weather in indonesia, is not in the least related to the Weather in Turkmenistan. The other question is how? Centeral, south, and south-east? The bellman 02:12, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)

It seems silly to have two seperate maps for Fah. and Cel. since Fah. is only used in the US… why not just have seperate maps for each continent, and have the US one be in Fahrenheit?

I’m almost ready to post a map of world surface conditions.

It’s generated by an Adobe Illustrator CS document using data-driven graphics that are fed by an XML dataset.

Once the first version is ready, I will supply the source files by e-mail to anyone who wants them – they’re about 40MB uncompressed, so I’m not sure if I should post such large files in the Commons.

I plan to provide two links underneath the map for temperatures – one for degrees Fahrenheit and the other for degrees Celsius.

I’m still working on scraping the temperatures automatically from the web, but editing the XML dataset is very fast. There are 55 cities, and they can be updated in under five minutes using the following links:

BBC Weather World

The Weather Channel

What makes this map interesting is that it simultaneously presents temperatures of 55 of the world’s major cities.

I am still working on adding symbols for Sunny, Cloudy, Raining, and Snowing. — DV 05:25, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)





New Zealand:


Antarctica: (let’s see if you want to add it first!)

Earl Andrew 19:01, 11 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Good Idea!

from Talk:Main Page

It seems unnecessary for a wiki to be used to update current weather conditions — there are plenty of accurate weather info feeds available. I suggest that the Weather section stick to actual news about weather (i.e. articles on aftermath of hurricanes, etc.). — Anonymous

Anyone object to just getting rid of weather altogether? Unless of course, Wikimedia is planning to invest in radar equipment. Lyellin 05:13, 23 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Many thanks to the people/person who brought us this, because it is freaking awesome. Just a question; some of the choices fo cities are a bit odd (eg recife in brasil, but not salvador and manuas), how were the cities chosen, how difficult is it to add new ones, and at what point does adding more cities make it look too crowded? thoughts? The bellman 13:18, 20 Jan 2005 (UTC)

No city even close to mine is shone on the weather map, how can I add it?

I notice that London no-longer has a temperature. This means that the map is useless for resisdents of Great Britain and Ireland, as being islands, our weather is significantly different to the continent’s. Dan100 (Talk) 21:16, 2 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Ditto that, we need at least London, as this is an English-language site, and many contributors are from the UK. With notoriously variable condition compared to Western Europe, a temp reading would be appreciated. Can it be done? – 19:39, 5 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Why UTC time for all continent maps? Means nothing for me – what does it mean? Perhaps GMT or +/- an hour or so would be more appropriate for Europe, and other relevant timezones for the submaps. Either that or a select number of timezones on all maps. Or even, is there a need for the time to be shown, especially if the weather is to be ‘current’? Everyone with a PC has a clock somewhere on their destop (presumably). Cheers, – 22:24, 10 Feb 2005 (UTC)

It would be very awesome if the weather map reflected which parts of the day were light and day at the time when it was last refreshed. Like one of those geochronometer] doo-hickeys, just have it do a transparency overlay (I have no idea what that would entail or if it would be at all possible). Just a thought, but it looks pretty awesome as is, though! –Fastfission 07:33, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Are there any plans for an East Asian or South Asian weather map? — Ran 05:37, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)

<chuckle> In about 8 weeks, wanna start doing an in-depth image of the weather reports from Cape Scott to Trial Island? I’m sure you can pull up each of the weather buoys through the meteo, so I can know what the wind and temps are at each anchorage and harbour on my trip (where I can get internet), right? Since many of these also to sea state, could we add a color-coding for waves? maybe color gradient from blue to red in .5m increments?

(in case I was not obvious enough, this is a joke) And THANK YOU!!! for all your (and Ilya’s) work in getting and maintaining this very complex weather reporting system! Love the bots… – Amgine 06:01, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Dear weather graphic designer(s). Looks excellent. One recommendation though — temperature scale interval / coloured graphics at 15oC or 20oC intervals. (<– comment from anon IP?)

I was thinking the standard temperature colours… eg

159753 11:14, 8 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Commons:User:WeatherBot is in danger of being blocked. See Commons:Village pump#WeatherBot : NOT the right way. I thought some Wikinews people might want to participate in that discussion. Dbenbenn 14:37, 12 July 2005 (UTC)

Would it at all be possible to have the actual major cities in Canada represented? Currently there are only three shown and the national capital is missing. I would be more than happy to provide you with theirn names and approximate locations (by way of editing the .ai file)., I am afraid such an addition could lead to cities overlapping each other.– 14:51, 18 July 2005 (UTC) Oh! Before I forget,You can check The North Amreican Map.

The latest map is dated on Septempber 19. Any trouble happened?–Aphaia 07:20, 21 September 2005 (UTC)

I added the weather maps. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? —SVTCobra 21:12, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

Noticed that the lowest temperature seen on the maps is 0C/32F (freezing point), especially on the far north locations. Is there a bug in displaying sub-freezing temperatures? DL+1613 02:05, 4 November 2007 (UTC)

And why can’t he tell you the current weather, humidity, or wind–Ipatrol (talk) 19:03, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

It appears to me that the weather page is predominantly current observations (is it updated hourly?) from chosen sites around the world. I seem to recall, back before I got my account, that there was some cross-talk of putting up actual forecasts, but I didn’t see that go anywhere. What was the final call on that, if anything? –CyberStormAlpha (talk) 09:29, 12 October 2009 (UTC)

ie Anyone thought a real weather center and using weather & NOAA etc. for cities for the world. iMap Weather has a free affiliate program… Any thoughts?

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Texas cold weather creates major highway closures

Posted by on October 17, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014 

On Friday, an uncommon cold weather system which dipped far into southern Texas created major transportation problems for sections of the state. The major cold weather system stretched from central Texas, eastward to Houston and southward to Galveston, a gulf region not accustomed to such cold snaps.

Nearly all sections of Interstate Highway-35 from San Antonio to Austin, a span of about 75 miles, were closed on Friday morning. Traffic was moving at approximately 5 miles per hour around mid-day on adjacent access roads. A Texas man told Wikinews it took him about three times longer-than-usual to drive from San Antonio to Austin due to weather condition and the closed highway.

Schools in Houston closed Thursday at 4:00pm and remained closed on Friday. Many businesses in Houston also closed on Friday. Huntsville, a city in the deep part of southeast Texas, received 2 inches of snow.

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Current Ideas On Disability Aids: The Development Associated With The Disability Aids Industry Then How To Elude A Terrible Outcome

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Current Ideas On Disability Aids: The Development Associated With The Disability Aids Industry- Then How To Elude A Terrible Outcome


Burke Izzo

Disability aids regarding the aging adults are extremely common around the whole developed world and a lot of businesses are creating a variety of different kinds of healthcare solutions along the lines of reading products, assistive hearing devices, walking style accessories, wheel chair essential accessories, walker carry bags wheel chair basic safety straps, wheelchair work trays, seeing and hearing disabled alerting systems, rocker kitchen knives, your bed rope ladders, wheel chair transport straps, personal hygiene gadgets plus cooking area aids. All of these disability aids are manufactured in an effort to assist in the lifestyle of people in need, by means of advanced know-how. In addition there are more common products which can be bought in an impressive selection with most of the stores devoted to these products, whether or not they are on-line or perhaps the High Street.

Shower chairs, as an example, are very helpful for lots of people. Managing any ailment can mean a giant challenge in relation to taking a shower or simply a wash. When there is any disability difficulty attached, it may well end up being really dangerous to get in and out from the shower area. A shower chair provides safety and comfort along with taking a shower. All these disability aids were definitely designed with the intention to make it easy for laying back in addition to sitting when being beneath a warm shower, with out slipping on a soaked flooring. There are lots of shower area seats options to select from, based on the particular circumstances of each particular person. Many are much wider than normal, permitting anybody to slide across in order to get out of the warm shower.

YouTube Preview Image

Grab bars are particularly very helpful healthcare products and solutions and additionally they could be plastic-type material or alternatively stainless steel bars connected to the rock solid surface of a wall space. There\’re intended to provide you with help when ever standing or maybe sitting down. You\’ll want to deploy grab bars in all the places of the property where you can consider they\’re going to be useful. The key places where such disability aids must be range from the restroom, next to the shower and next to the bedside.

An economical alternative for those who are old should be to add night lighting in a number of sectors of the residence, like the kitchen space, living space and bathroom. This will help folks of any age to steer safely and securely during the night in your house. One other idea is to relocate the switch of the lamp fixture next to the bed furniture and even to add more specialized products so as to help turning the light off and on. Opt for fitting motion sensors all about your house. Assuming you have certain trouble with range of motion, bedpans can be handy disability aids. Numerous bedpans are supposed to decrease the embarrassing odors as well as to hold the skin from feaces and also urine.

The particular telecoms systems designed for hard of hearing have the ability for a very hard of hearing man or woman to interact by telephone from their property. Yow will discover a lot of disability aids for this specific purpose, a variety of them using voice-activated devices, Braille or possibly keying in gadgets. Just for this to perform the two people, the sender as well as the receiver, will need to have a particular wording phone which includes a small to medium sized key board. Of those with hearing difficulties will be able to commune using this systems a different option regular phone service. Pretty much all disability aids are built to make life easier for just anybody, for that reason pick that which is best for you or for the ones you love.

You can find more on Aids for Disability at our

Best Disability Aids

resources site or more great info at the

Disability Aids options


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Talk:Poland’s Makowska takes category B wheelchair fencing bronze at the London Paralympics

Posted by on September 17, 2014

This is from plus+

Monday, 03 September 2012 – 21:50

LONDON, 3 September – There will be 12 events in wheelchair fencing when five days of competition gets under way on Tuesday in the North 2 arena at ExCeL.

There are seven for men and five for women. Team events will take place in the men’s foil and the women’s epee; all other gold medals will be for individual competitions.

Three different weapons are used in fencing: foil, epee and sabre. In foil and epee, scores can only be achieved with hits with the tip of the weapon, whereas in sabre fencers can also reach a score with a hit with the blade of the weapon.

In foil and sabre fencing only the fencer with “the right of way”, meaning the one who has started the attack, can score. In epee fencing both fencers can score at the same time.

Wheelchair fencing is one of the oldest sports in the Paralympic Games. It was introduced first as sabre fencing only at the International Stoke Mandeville Games at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury in 1954.

There are three classifications in wheelchair fencing, A, B and C, but only A and B are part of the Paralympic programme. A means that the athletes have a functional sense of balance and trunk function, classification B means less trunk function.

The fencer with the shorter arm length can decide about the distance between the two fencers. Both wheelchairs are placed on a metal plate and strapped down. So the distance between the wheelchairs stays the same during the bout.

Depending on whether both fencers are right- or left-handed or opposite handed, the positions of the wheelchairs are adjusted.

The target areas are different depending on the weapon. In foil fencing only the torso – including the back – is the target area. In sabre it is the whole upper body above the waistline, excluding the hands. In epee it is the whole body, but in wheelchair fencing the legs are excluded and covered with a blanket to make sure that no false scores can be achieved.

Scores are measured by electrical impulses when the weapon touches the opponent’s target area and closes a circuit.

To win a bout, one fencer has to score 15 hits.

Fencers wear a helmet to protect their faces from being hit.

PNS ck/rme

This is from plus+

Monday, 03 September 2012 – 17:22

LONDON, 3 September – A basic guide to wheelchair fencing classifications at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

All athletes must have a minimal handicap, which means that, due to a permanent disability, they cannot fence standing.

Being eligible to wheelchair fence does not mean that the athletes always use a wheelchair in daily life.

There are fencing events for athletes in categories A, B and C, but only categories A and B are part of the Paralympic programme.

The classification is based on a series of tests and a point system, depending on the muscular function level.

A – athletes with good sitting balance and good trunk control with their fencing arm not affected.

B – athletes with fair sitting balance and their fencing arm not or only minimally affected.

There are individual events for all three weapons, foil, epee and sabre in categories A and B.

In the team events – foil for men and epee for women – both categories can take part.

PNS ck/amc/sw/mr/sw

This is the first day of wheelchair fencing competition. They also announced the fact about it being the first medals on the speaker.

Italian and French fans out in force. Several flags for them. Also a few Hungarian flags.

Wheelchairs are locked into place. Equipment is checked. The Polish fans were cheering loudly when their player put on her mask.

Athletes told when ready to salute oppontents. They did. They have three minutes time.

Osvath took lead early in his.

Krajyak took lead early in hers. Cima Marco took lead in his.

French fans are very very loud. The flags came out to wave. There was even French media cheering. Italian fans also cheering for their guy and are easy to spot as they have shirts on.

There were some scattered French boos at one point. A Hungarian flag and Chinese flag present.

tokaltlian got new fol in his match.

Krajnyak in her match kept bending her foil after her points and talking to judges.

Osvath looked like he would come out of his chair.

Juhasky in HUN v HUN almost toppled her chair a few time in their match.

Pauses in bith FRA v HUN and HUN v HUN where judges consulted.

First bronze medalists was in HUN v HIUN with Kranjak winning.

3-5 in FRE v HUN

HUN foot stood straight out.

ITA v FRA was close. Was 8-8 and FRA fans were cheering loudly.

The media had people repeatedly loudly cheering from it.

France went ahead 8-11 in ITA v FRA and fans started clapping and chanting. They were saying something that sounded like arpee. Some Russian fans but not that loud and only one flag. The Poles were sitting in wheelchair are and excited.

The French fans were also sitting next to me.

Hungarian fans also flag waving and chanting the name of their guy in FRA v HUN.

ITA v FRA held lots of attention.

11-14 ITA v FRA and cans nutty.

Then FRA attention switched to FRA v HUN and lots of cheers.

When FRA medalists wheeled out, huge cheers again

Shots of Marco! Huge cheer from one corner for the Hungarians who got louder as that match got further long.

Sustained loud cheer and people standing when Hungarian won in HUN v FRA.

Last match to be finished was CHN v POL. Close at 13-12.

Marco is getting cheers.

When France bronze announced lots of more cheers. Lots of cheers for both fencers. POL was ahead 13-14 but then tie to 14-14. Cheers of Com on Poland! There were a number who did not want to see China win from sound. Polish flag waved when it was announced. At least five I saw and the winner screamed in delight and raised her hands. She was hugged by coach. Other Poles came up to hug her. Huge applause as the HUN from HUN v FRA left.

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Category:Disability sport interviews

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Category:Disability sport interviews

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Ltfs And Active Archive: The Next Technology In Data Storage

Posted by on September 4, 2014

Submitted by: Cross Roads

Magnetic tapes have been used for data storage since about 50 years. The problem with this method of data storage was that this did not allow the metadata to be held in a form which was easily accessible. Also, when stored in magnetic tapes, files could not be saved in an organized manner with proper filenames or directories. But IBM changed this scenario with the launch of a new technology called LTFS which is an a

eviation of Linear Tape File System.

What is Linear Tape File System?

It is a tape file system which is self describing in nature. When a cartridge is inserted in a tape drive, this system enables the tape media to mound and read via the operating system. An LTFS-formatted tape does not look any different from a normal file system. Like a hard drive and thumb-drive, even this tape can be easily mounted. It is extremely user friendly since it allows users to drag and drop files from and to LTFS-formatted tape which is mounted. This new technology offers many benefits. One of its benefits is that like active archiving, it allows storage which is effortless and access which is seamless and easy. The advantages of LTFS include:

YouTube Preview Image

It helps in cost reduction.

It offers ease of usage across multiple mediums and operating systems.

It uses a universal standard media.

It offers an open standard and a cross platform to the users.

It can be used as easily as a USB drive. All that you need is the LTO-5 drive and you can load the LTFS tape into this drive before mounting the tape into the file system.

What is Active Archive?

Active Archive combines open system applications with tape and disk hardware. It then uses this combination to offer its users, ease of access to all their data, easy storage as well as management of data. Some might confuse Active Archive with HSM or hierarchical storage managers. But there is a significant difference between the two. Unlike HSM, this technology allows users to access their production data, irrespective of how old or new it is. It even negates the frequency of access since the data is retrievable online.

Active Archive is a collaborative product which is offered by both software as well as hardware vendors. It even makes the most of the existing equipment of the users. According to expert analysts in the field, this technology coupled has become a vital component with respect to corporate storage facilities. Active archiving solutions are a must for companies which have to manage high volumes of digital assets and data. Generally these companies also witness a huge growth in data storage requirements and hence, can use active archiving as a storage strategy.

LTFS and Active Archiving

Today, many manufacturers who offer archiving software also include LTFS in their solutions. This file system has become essential when it comes to creation of active archives in a storage environment. It supports medium and long term archiving and this helps the users to switch to latest archive software or hardware without involving huge costs.

About the Author: Crossroads StrongBox is designed to address the need for a low cost and highly reliable LTFS, presenting itself as traditional network-attached storage-NAS while leveraging the new Active Archive for more information visit


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