Partition Recovery For The Efi Windows Hard Drive Partitions}

Partition Recovery For the EFI Windows Hard Drive Partitions



The hard drive partition, which is used by the system using Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is known as the EFI system partition. These Windows partitions are formatted using the FAT variant (such as FAT32 and VFAT). The store critical information such as boot loader, system tools and device driver files, which are required prior the loading of Microsoft Windows operating system.

You are suggested to take the EFI system partition as the first one, when you partition a Windows hard drive. However, when any other hard drive partition such as MSR (Microsoft Reserved) partition or the data partition is used as first partition, the system may not start. In such cases, all of the partitions may become inaccessible and critical partition loss situations occur. Partition Recovery is required to overcome these problems.

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The computer system using first partition that is other than the EFI system partition may come across a number of issues, when the users try to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise and Data Center editions) on an Itanium based computer. In these situations, some error message might occur with the text-mode part of Setup. This issue generally occurs when the Setup itself of the user attempts to create the EFI system partition.

Computer system using Intel Itanium architecture with the Intel Microprocessors are known as the Itanium based computers.


Follow underwritten steps to carry out Partition Recovery by resolving this problem:

Backup all the critical data from ESI system partition and the first partition of hard drive. This is also suggested to check backup status regularly with media integrity and required fields.

Delete first and then other EFI system partitions. You can use Windows PE or Recovery Console for this purpose.

In such situations, if the backup is not available or you delete the hard drive partition, partition loss will occur. In order to recover lost partitions, Partition Recovery Software are available. These are robust third party applications, which perform in-depth scan of your drive using effectual scanning methods.

These tools have self-descriptive and interactive user interface and thus allow you to have quick and easy recovery on your own. The Partition Recovery Software work on a wide range of storage media such as hard drive, memory card, USB drive, FireWire, CD, DVD and so forth.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the foremost Partition Recovery Software. This read-only Partition Recovery tool recovers data from lost, corrupted, deleted and formatted partitions and volumes. It supports FAT16, FAT32, vFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems based Windows partitions and volumes. The software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.

Author is researching on partition and system booting problem also explains the causes of Partition loss. Author has given

partition recovery

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Partition Recovery For the EFI Windows Hard Drive Partitions


NASCAR: Carl Edwards wins 2011 Kobalt Tools 400

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Roush Fenway Racing driver Carl Edwards, who qualified third, won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 2011 Kobalt Tools 400 held on Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. This became his first Sprint Cup win of the season. Throughout the course of the race there were seven cautions and 22 lead changes among 15 different drivers.

Before the final pit stops, Tony Stewart was first, but after the stops concluded, Stewart fell to third as Edwards became the leader. Edwards maintained the lead to win the race, while Stewart finished in the second position. Juan Pablo Montoya took third, ahead of Marcos Ambrose in fourth. Ryan Newman managed the fifth position, after starting eighth on the grid. Martin Truex, Jr., from the Michael Waltrip Racing, clinched the sixth position. Denny Hamlin followed Truex in seventh, while Dale Earnhardt, Jr. could only manage eighth.

Kurt Busch, and Brian Vickers rounded out the top ten finishers in the race. After doing his victory lap, Edwards commented, “It means a lot coming off of Phoenix. I went home last week and I had no clue, I just didn’t know how things were going to go from there. You don’t get a good race car like that very often, but we had another one today.” Afterward, Stewart described his frustration by finishing second, “We had the fastest thing on the planet today and we just gave it away. It kills me to throw away a race like that.” Following the race, Stewart became Drivers’ Championship leader with 113 points. Next, Kurt Busch was second also with 113, seven points ahead of Edwards and Montoya. Newman and Paul Meanrd was placed fifth and sixth with 103 and 96 points. Truex, Hamlin, A. J. Allmendinger, and Earnhardt rounded out the top-ten point positions.

The 2011 season will continue on March 20, 2011 at Bristol Motor Speedway for the 2011 Jeff Byrd 500. The race will be televised in the US on Fox at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Australian Manns Mitre 10 hardware store closes after rent dispute

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Wednesday, an over-90-year-old Manns Mitre 10 hardware store, run by Alex P Mann Pty Ltd, closed until further notice after a rent dispute in Port Adelaide, South Australia. The rent dispute involved $315,060.70 of rent for months of September 2012 to January 2013 unpaid to the landlord, Fourteen Sails Pty Ltd. The site was distrained. The store had to fire about 40–50 employees without a warning in advance.

The store was closed three days before Australia Day, January 26, Saturday.

The store administrator, Tim Clifton, said they had to ring the workers out of the blue: “I was advised the landlord had distrained for unpaid rent over the business and that left the directors in the position where the business was untenable. I presume at this stage trading was poor and the company just didn’t have the money to pay the rent. … Unfortunately they had to terminate their employment this morning and we’ve rung them all. We’ll do our best to get them their entitlements under the government schemes, and we calculate what they’re owed in the next few days and hopefully get that underway for them. … It’s a sad day. It’s a sign of the times isn’t it. Things are tough out there.”

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Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union state secretary Dave Kirner said workers were not allowed to collect their personal belongings left inside of the store: “I spoke with a worker who said the locks have been changed, they were asked to leave and all their personal belongings are in there”.

On Saturday, Wikinews took photos of the documents available at the store entrance. The rent dispute details and an inventory were available for everyone to read. During the ten minutes of taking photos, around seven people visited the closed entrance and read the documents a first time. One of them commented, “oh hey, Bunnings will be stronger”.

The store owner, Jarred Spearman, reported negotiations ongoing with the landlord and said he would “hopefully try to work [our] way out of this … We are pretty lucky to have the customers and staff we had”.

Port Adelaide Mayor Gary Johanson said the loss of the store is a significant loss as Port Adelaide is being redeveloped: “Their staff were extremely good, the service levels were high, the store was always well stocked and it was a great example of a family business. That will be a great loss to the Port.” “The landlord is not at fault here. The landlord is acting within their rights. … This is the sort of thing we cannot afford to lose if we’re serious about the Port being redeveloped. This is not a multinational company. This is a franchise of a bigger company but it is a family franchise and it employs a lot of staff. The staff that they employ are local people and they’re employing large amounts of staff in relation to their turnover. We need to take stock of what local businesses we have left and say, how can we ensure they stay with us?”

Quality, innovation and competitiveness centre-stage at Taipei Int’l Hardware & DIY Show

Friday, October 19, 2007

The 7th Taipei International Hardware & DIY Show, organized by Kaigo Taiwan (The representative of Koelnmesse in Taiwan) and Koelnmesse GmbH, started on October 18-20 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3. This show has 183 participants using 300 booths to exhibit accessories and tools on esoteric fabricating, home-living applications, and security.

With people in Taiwan valuing on the quality of home-living, the organizer set a pre-show pavilion of “2008 Taipei Home & Lifestyle Fair” and invited B&Q & HomeBox holding DIY workshops for visitors.

This exhibition is conjuncted with industry and applications, and pursuing with three main topics of “Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness”. International factories such as Hitachi, Rexon, Ryobi participated this show for the export opportunity in the hardware industry.

After the “Product Certificates and Testing” pavilion in TAITRONICS Autumn, Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C. (Taiwan) and DIY in Europe magazine were invited for speeches focused on certifications on hardware & DIY products and environment issues in EU.

About Fta Satellite

Submitted by: Winstonll Fulton

There are now distinct sorts of Tv transmission. Typical broadcast however heads the pack. Cable and satellite programming have established viable but limited only to their niches. The up and coming Internet Tv is fast gaining recognition and is obviously the a single for the long run.

World-wide-web Tv has been close to for decades without considerably discover mostly because of technologies constraints. Considering that World-wide-web Television is essentially Tv on Computer, early-generation web and Personal computer restrictions in velocity and ability had rendered internet Television not viable. Things are different these days. The mega-bps broadband internet and mega-hertz CPUs can a lot more than aptly support net Tv on Pc. If desired, the programming can be propagated more to other AV methods. Tv on Pc is also achievable from other feeds apart from the web. Pcs can be enabled as TVs with the addition of a Television Tuner board or box. With that, we can view traditional, cable or satellite Television too on our pcs. An obvious advantage out of this is that not only can the computer system double as a Tv, it can multi-job both functions simultaneously for the consumer.

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World-wide-web Tv programming are generally courtesy of Cost-free-to-Air broadcasts. There are two varieties. The first 1 is by discrete internet sites which are quite firm or product specific. As these kinds of, they are commonly restricted in equally scope and objective. The other form is common Tv programming. They are fundamentally subscription Tv by industrial services providers. These operators gather numerous FTA Television programming worldwide and provide them for accessibility to their members above the world wide web via the use of their specialized software package packages.

World-wide-web Television on Pc is Tv programming accessed about the web by means of the use of personal computers as we would with the plenty of duties that we execute day in and day out. With Television, they can be achieved through the employment of computer software, hardware or combo. Of these procedures, the software package approach is most popular for causes of user-friendliness, reduced charge and becoming obtainable on-the-spot.

Really, there are now hundreds of thousands of Television fans in the US on your own who are already making the most of Net Tv on Pc with a lot of more coming on. Expectedly, there are assistance suppliers sprouting up all above the location in reaction to the rising need. That is why there’ll be the inevitable bunch fly-by-night operators. A savvy way to avoid currently being scammed is to check out out the overview web sites for facts and rating. They will get their reduce but these guys place in their due diligence and will stage you to the proper ones.

FTA satellite dishes are the new age satellite receivers that are slowly currently being accepted in the US and the earth about. FTA stands for Free to Air and FTA receivers are fundamentally a kind of satellite receivers that has been intended in this sort of a way that it can quickly receive un-encrypted satellite transmissions. Employing the FTA satellite dishes, you will be capable to acquire Television signals without having the need to have for signing up for a subscription.

About the Author: Ramy Jones was a satellite installer for fta satellite company. He has 5 years installing experience including wiring, pointing, settings all fta satellite boxes. He created this galaxy19 site for serve all people that has problem in setting up fta


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Italian football: Roma and Lazio accused of fixing game

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fans of Italian football clubs Roma and Lazio are asking for ticket reimbursement, after the city rivals played 0:0 Sunday. After a good chance of Roma scoring in the opening minutes of the match, the entire game was played in the middle of the field and neither team seemed eager to score.

Accusations were taken further as the Italian Consumer Union, Codacons, called for fans to ask for their money back, since the game result was allegedly fixed. Both teams are close to the bottom of Seria A table, and a point each will almost secure that they do not drop out of the first league.

Italian media seems unified in opinion that this was the worst city derby ever played. Some of the headlines were “Derby of shame” and “Never again like this.”

Consob, an institution monitoring the work of the regional Stock Market, announced they will take action against both teams as they have shares on market.

Police called to investigate after tenant draws swastikas in landlord’s house

Thursday, September 6, 2007

82-year-old Jewish Bowmanville, Ontario woman Ms. Marion Schwarz’s house has been found vandalized with graffiti showing neo-Nazism expressions, as well as swastikas. Broken windows and walls were found ripped open.

The terms “Kike”, “Fuck Jews,” and “White Power” were written in white around the house, as well as a large green swastika.

The woman’s husband Mr. Allan Schwarz, was returning home to their house on King Street East, the town’s center, to bring home a present for their 40th wedding anniversary when he found the house not the way he left it.

Bought to start an antique store, the Schwarz’s started a cattle business instead and later rented it out. Ten years ago their tenant started to rent the house, just five months ago he stopped paying rent saying he was on welfare. Ms. Schwarz offered to lower his rent. He vandalized and fled, with his son and daughter, from the house on Tuesday morning, the day he was to be evicted. She was accompanied by her son Alan, two police officers, and a locksmith.

“I don’t know what happened to him … Up until the last while, I never had a day’s trouble with him. He was friendly,” Ms. Schwarz said.

Durham Regional Police are now investigating what they refer to as an “incident”, and what lobby group B’nai Brith Canada has argued constitutes a “hate crime”.

“A swastika on its own, as per the Criminal Code of Canada, is not a hate crime,” said Sgt. Paul McCurbin. “It doesn’t have the proper components to be considered a hate crime. For example, if I said that I was going to kill a race of people or we should kill a race of people, that would be considered a hate crime.”

A local neighbor, who asked not to be named, swept glass from the broken windows off the sidewalk, worried that dogs could cut their feet. She said the tenants were private people.

A Prisoner of War (POW) camp was located in Bowmanville during World War II (WWII). [1] [2] Named Camp 30 it held captive German army officers from the Afrika Korps, fliers from the Luftwaffe and naval officers from the Kriegsmarine. Many of them were transferred from England. Among them was famous top U-boat ace of World War II Otto Kretschmer. He was involved in the Battle of Bowmanville.

The Bowmanville boys’ school was the building holding the prisoners. The facility had been designed to house 300 boys. Surrounding the existing school buildings was a barbed wire fence. It was not the typical POW camp, having good food and prisoners being well treated. It had gardens and even a swimming pool was built. Movies were shown each week, music concerts were held, and stage plays were produced.

Mr. Schwarz fled from Germany to Canada in 1938. Marion, a Toronto native, and her husband moved to Bowmanville to start a new life.

“In 1938, we found safe haven in Bowmanville,” said her son Alan. “It was wonderful place to settle and my parents have been here basically for 70 years. They never anticipated ever facing the same kind of symbolism they had to leave Germany for.”

The investigation still continues. The tenant’s name has not been released.

“We couldn’t foresee anything like this because human beings don’t do things like this.”

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Ecommerce Drop Shipping And Making Money}

Ecommerce Drop Shipping and Making Money



Drop Shipping is ideal for many individuals and / or small businesses. It requires very little investment to start and can grow to a large business quickly if done correctly. So, how do you make money in Ecommerce Drop Shipping? Where do you start and what are the important factors that affect the outcome?

Ecommerce is very competitive online. There’s a thin line between making and losing money. Therefore, any business plan should be well thought through and then executed properly. There are very small details in drop shipping that can make or break the profits. The following key elements that should be taken into account for successful ecommerce Drop Shipping

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* Suppliers: There are a lot of suppliers who claim to provide a wide selection of products online at great prices. While I do not want to mention names, I will ask you to stay away from any drop shipper that charges a monthly fee. The right products and the right suppliers matter a lot. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have solid, long lasting relationships with your suppliers. You can find companies that drop ship easily with a simple Google search in any industry. (ex: medical products drop shipping)

* Products: Products and pricing play a huge role in the success of any drop shipping operation. You must make sure that you have competitive pricing and niche products. (Don’t be the highest price, but do not be the lowest either) I would never drop ship electronics since it’s very competitive online and margins are low. Try to find niche products that target a lifestyle or an ideology. (Skating, healthy living.etc.) This will bring more targeted and higher converting traffic to your site.

* Original Ideas: Try to think of original ideas or services to offer. For example, offering extended warranties or memberships to an online blog filled with useful information on a specific product line or lifestyle is a great idea that will convert.

* Profit Margin: This is one of the most important factors. You MUST have a gross profit of at least 30% to make money in online drop shipping. Do not forget this rule and look for suppliers or products that can promise this margin. This will make your life much easier.

* Website and Ecommerce Cart: The most important factor. Your website and ecommerce script matters a lot since you are working with other company’s products and inventory. Inventory matching in online drop shipping operations is a huge challenge.

o What does this mean?

Let’s say that your supplier has only 12 items of the XYZ product today. And you happened to add that product to your website since the price is great. Five days from now, your supplier might have only 3 of those products since they’re selling to other buyers as well; however your inventory still shows 12. This is the problem. Products come in stock and go out of stock so the more accurate your stock information is, the more money you will make. Your ecommerce system should support live integration with your supplier if possible. If this is not possible, you should make sure to equalize your inventory with your supplier once a day. This inventory issue creates big problems and major loss of advertising money with Adwords and PPC. It should be addressed promptly.

You also have to make sure that your ecommerce cart supports shipping options from multiple warehouses since you will have more than one drop shipping supplier. This will insure that you have accurate shipping information on your website.

The ultimate goal is to make money, and that’s not easy in online drop shipping. If you would like to learn more about how to successfully drop ship online, please contact us.

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Ecommerce Dropshipping


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Ecommerce Drop Shipping and Making Money


Oil spill hits Australia’s Sunshine coastline

Sunday, March 15, 2009

200,000 litres of oil leaked into waters off the coast of Brisbane from the Pacific Adventurer when their fuel tanks were damaged in rough seas on Wednesday. The figure is about ten times higher than the original estimate of twenty thousand litres of oil. The devastating diesel oil spill has spread along 60 kilometres (37 miles) of the Queensland coast. In addition, 31 containers with 620 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser flew overboard during the violent storm.

Questions are being asked why the Hong Kong cargo ship was out in seas with nine meter waves caused by Cyclone Hamish, a Category 5 tropical cyclone, as well as why the fertiliser containers were not properly secured. One of the overboard containers ruptured the hull of the Pacific Adventurer, causing between 30 to 100 tonnes of oil to spew from the severely damaged ship.

If the ammonium nitrate mixes with the heavy oil, an explosion could occur. None of the containers have been recovered. Some of these may float, but it is believed that they may have sunk which then may cause algal blooms.

Disaster zones have been declared at Bribie and Moreton Islands, and along the Sunshine coast.

The vessel’s owner, Swire Shipping, reported that a second leak began on Friday, when the ship began listing after docking at Hamilton for repairs. “As full soundings of the vessel’s tanks were being taken at the port to determine how much oil had leaked from the vessel, a small quantity of fuel oil escaped from the Pacific Adventurer,” it stated. The ship was brought upright, and a recovery vessel was used to suck up the oil from the water. The leak produced a 500m-long oil slick down the Brisbane River. Booms were placed around this oil spill so that a skimmer could clean up the second spill.

Swire Shipping could face clean up costs of AU$100,000 a day as well as fines up to AU$1.5million (US$977,000; £703,000) if found guilty of environmental breaches or negligence.

Sunshine Coast beaches are slowly starting to be reopened. The beach of Mooloolaba was still closed following reports of burning sensations from swimmers. 12 beaches remain closed; however, 13 have been reopened.

Over 300 state government and council workers are using buckets, rakes and spades in the clean up effort. Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbott says the majority will be gone by Sunday afternoon. The full environmental impact on wildlife is not yet known. One turtle and seven pelicans have been found covered in oil.

There are concerns that the drinking water of Moreton Island is at risk, as the island uses water from the underground water table near the oil spill site.

“Every bucketload of contaminated sand has to be removed from the island by barge, and each bucketload from a front-end loader weighs about one tonne. It’s just an impossible task,” said Mr Trevor Hassard of the Tangalooma Dolphin Education Centre.

The commercial fishing industry has suffered from the incident. Trawlers won’t resume operations until Sunday evening, and any catches will be tested for human consumption.